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U.S. Soccer Project Searches for Passionate Soccer Supporters.

June 5, 2009.  U.S. Soccer Project is dynamic initiative whose details have yet to be released. As  launch plans continue to take shape, more and more information will continue to be unveiled.  U.S. Soccer Project is currently looking for passionate soccer supporters around the world.

We are looking for passionate and knowledgeable leaders around the globe, people that display a fervor and expertise when it comes to their favorite Professional and/or National teams. We believe that these people are a great resource to others interested in following their favorite teams, as they are responsible for disseminating information and facilitating conversations. Soccer is the world’s game, and we are giving the most passionate supporters in the world an opportunity to take an active role in being a voice for their clubs.

Interested supporters should fill out the short application to be held in consideration as a potential leading voice for your beloved teams. Places are limited and equal candidates will be considered on a first come bases.

Successful candidate benefits may include any of, but are not limited to, the following: Increased Access, Leadership Authority, First Look Privileges, Revenue Opportunities, Beta Testing, Pre-Launch Benefits.

If you are a passionate supporter of a club or national team, and are an active member of the on-line community looking to share your team knowledge, and take a prideful role in growing your clubs legacy, fill out this application to be held in consideration. Make sure you fill in your top 3 team options if your passion runs deep for perhaps a club, national, and local team as this will increase your chances if your first choice isn’t available.

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