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USSoccerProject.com Launched! Soccer Social network dedicated to soccer in America aims to grow the sport on and off the field.

USSoccerProject.com Launched, Social Network to Finance Purchase of European Team to Develop American Players.

Elite Design Corporation Launches USSoccerProject.com: The Online hub of a Multi-Faceted Plan to Accelerate the Development of Soccer in America.

September 25, 2009: Elite Design Corporation makes push to be a major catalyst in the introduction of corporate revenue into the United States soccer system with launch of USSoccerProject.com. The comprehensive corporate plan depends on identifying, unifying, empowering, and mobilizing the U.S. fan base for the collective good of U.S. soccer. It encompasses initiatives aimed at accelerating the development of soccer by creating a conduit for new resources to funnel into various areas of the current system, while also creating entirely new opportunities, including eventually purchasing a European team to provide an international vehicle for the steady development of U.S. players.

Elite Design Corporation is betting on the American soccer fan, making it its mission to essentially prove the general consensus that the United States ambivalence towards the world’s game is nothing more than a long overstated misconception. Soccer remains the country’s most played youth sport with over 18 million registered players, and the founder of EDC, Frank Bagnato, believes the fervor for U.S. soccer goes beyond the numbers saying, “The U.S. fan is among the most passionate in the world.  They have had to work harder to be fans, as their love for the game isn’t as easily facilitated by the mainstream as it is in other countries around the world.  With that being said, it’s that same passion alive and strong today in millions of Americans, that will someday be credited with making soccer mainstream in the future.”  USSoccerProject.com is a call to all U.S. fans to join the movement on a unified front, empowering individuals to contribute in a social network dedicated to soccer in America, while pooling the power of the masses to draw corporate and private capital into the sport.   It will build on the momentum of recent progress and accelerate it to a level attainable only through the insertion of capitalistic endeavors.

EDC will eventually purchase a European soccer team to enhance player development and bridge the gap between the U.S. youth system and the structure of youth soccer around the world. The team will act as a vehicle to expose the elite youth player in the United States to the same opportunities readily available around the world. Membership is free.

Once the team is purchased, comprehensive U.S. youth development and scouting will be ongoing as players will be identified and given the opportunity to make the jump to the European team.

While some have deemed the multi-faceted plan ambitious, if not outright complicated, EDC’s president insists, “The U.S. fan base is large, energized, and passionate.   We are simply providing a place for everyone else to take notice,” adding, “I’ve heard people say it will take great success by the United States national team on an international stage, which will then lead to the rising up of the U.S. fan.  We simply contend the reverse is true.”

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U.S. Fan Petition- Bring World Cup Back to the United States

Elite Design Corporation believes the American soccer community is among the most passionate in the world. U.S. Soccer Project is a multifaceted initiative to unite the soccer public and raise American soccer to the next level. Signing this petition, is the first of many steps that will make a clear statement that American soccer has arrived and great things are to come.
Join US and Sign the Petition.

Thank you for helping us show the world we are serious about bringing a World Cup back to the United States!


Frank Bagnato

President Elite Design Corporation

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June 7, 2009. U.S. Soccer Project added to Blog Catalog!

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U.S. Soccer Project Searches for Passionate Soccer Supporters.

June 5, 2009.  U.S. Soccer Project is dynamic initiative whose details have yet to be released. As  launch plans continue to take shape, more and more information will continue to be unveiled.  U.S. Soccer Project is currently looking for passionate soccer supporters around the world.

We are looking for passionate and knowledgeable leaders around the globe, people that display a fervor and expertise when it comes to their favorite Professional and/or National teams. We believe that these people are a great resource to others interested in following their favorite teams, as they are responsible for disseminating information and facilitating conversations. Soccer is the world’s game, and we are giving the most passionate supporters in the world an opportunity to take an active role in being a voice for their clubs.

Interested supporters should fill out the short application to be held in consideration as a potential leading voice for your beloved teams. Places are limited and equal candidates will be considered on a first come bases.

Successful candidate benefits may include any of, but are not limited to, the following: Increased Access, Leadership Authority, First Look Privileges, Revenue Opportunities, Beta Testing, Pre-Launch Benefits.

If you are a passionate supporter of a club or national team, and are an active member of the on-line community looking to share your team knowledge, and take a prideful role in growing your clubs legacy, fill out this application to be held in consideration. Make sure you fill in your top 3 team options if your passion runs deep for perhaps a club, national, and local team as this will increase your chances if your first choice isn’t available.

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